Extreme Operation in OOG Cargo Transportation

I’d like to share our new OOG shipment which we successfully handled under extremely tight deadlines.

We received an order from our partner in India, requiring us to book 1X40FR OW from Tianjin to Nhava Sheva on November 1st ETD. We need to ship two cargo, with one piece measuring 4.8 meters in width. After confirmed with the shipper that the cargo are ready and can be loaded and shipped at any time, we promptly arranged for the booking.

Out Of Gauge

However, the space from Tianjin to Nhava Sheva is very tight, the customer also requested the earliest sailing. We had to obtain special approval from the Carrier to get this valuable space. Just when we thought the goods would be smoothly shipped, the shipper informed us that their goods could not be delivered as requested by October 29th. The earliest arrival would be on the morning of October 31st, and possibly missing the vessel. This is a really bad news!

Considering the port's entry schedule and the ship's departure on November 1st, it indeed appeared challenging to meet the deadline. But if we can't catch this ship, the earliest space will be available after November 15th. The consignee was in urgent need of the cargo and couldn't afford the delay, and we didn't want to waste the hard-earned space.

We didn't give up. After communicating and negotiating with the carrier, we decided to persuade the shipper to make a concerted effort to catch this vessel. We prepared everything in advance, scheduled urgent packing with the terminal, and applied for special loading with the carrier.

Fortunately, on the morning of the October 31st, the oversized cargo arrived at the terminal as scheduled. Within one hour, we managed to unload, pack, and secure the cargo. Finally, before noon, we successfully delivered the cargo into the port and loaded on the vessel.

out of gauge

The vessel has departed, and I can finally breathe easy again. I want to express my gratitude to my clients, the terminal, and the carrier for their support and cooperation. Together, we worked hard to accomplish this challenging operation in OOG shipment.

Post time: Nov-03-2023