How to ship the oversized cargo to Ukraine by us During the Russo-Ukrainian War

During the Russo-Ukrainian War, transporting goods to Ukraine via sea freight may encounter challenges and restrictions, particularly due to the unstable situation and possible international sanctions. The following are general procedures for shipping goods to Ukraine through sea transport:

Selecting a Port: Firstly, we need to choose a suitable port for importing goods to Ukraine. Ukraine has several main ports, such as Odessa Port, Chornomorsk Port, and Mykolaiv Port. But as you know for the oog cargoes and breakbulk vessel cargoes, the ports like above metioned in Ukaine have no service. We usually choose Constantza and Gdansk according to the final destination. Currently, many bulk carriers are avoiding the Black Sea region due to the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine. One alternative option is to use Turkish ports for transshipment, such as Derince/Diliskelesi.

Planning the Shipment: After selecting the port, contact carrier and local agents to plan the shipment details. This includes specifying the type, quantity, loading method, shipping route, and estimated transit time of the cargoes.

Complying with International Regulations: Before shipping cargoes, ensure thorough research and compliance with international sanctions concerning Ukraine. Special attention should be given to sensitive items or cargoes potentially related to military use, as they may be subject to trade restrictions.

Handling Documents and Procedures: Shipping cargoes requires various documents and procedures, including transportation contracts, shipping documents, and customs paperwork. Ensure that all necessary documents are prepared and that your goods meet Ukraine's import requirements.

Cargo Inspection and Security: During sea transport, the cargo might undergo inspection and security measures to prevent the shipment of prohibited or hazardous items.

Monitoring the Shipment: Once the cargo is loaded onto the vessel, we monitor the shipment's progress through the carrier to ensure timely arrival at the designated port.

Sharing the previous shipments we shipped

ETD June 23,2023


ZTC300 and ZTC800 crane

Ukrainian War (1)
Ukrainian War (2)
Ukrainian War (3)
Ukrainian War (4)


ETD :April18,2023


Ukrainian War (5)

ETD April 5


2 units crane+ 1unit dozer

Ukrainian War (6)
Ukrainian War (7)
Ukrainian War (8)
Ukrainian War (9)
Ukrainian War (10)


ETD Dec 12.2022

-10 units DFL1250AW2 - 10.0 x 2,5 x 3,4 / 9500 kgs/unit

- 2 units DFH3250 - 8,45 x 2,5 x 3,55 / 15 000 kg/unit

- 2 units DFH3310 - 11,000*2,570*4,030 / 18800KG/uni

Ukrainian War (11)
Ukrainian War (12)
Ukrainian War (13)
Ukrainian War (14)

Shanghai --Derince

ETD Nov 16, 2022

8Trucks : 6.87*2.298*2.335 m ;


Ukrainian War (15)
Ukrainian War (16)
Ukrainian War (17)
Ukrainian War (18)

Tianjin to Constanta, Romania.

1 Mobile Crane

QY25K5D : 12780×2500×3400 mm ; 32.5T

Ukrainian War (19)

Post time: Aug-02-2023