International Shipping treacherous in Red sea

The United States and Britain conducted a new strike on Yemen's Red Sea port city of Hodeidah on Sunday evening, This makes a new controversy over International Shipping in the Red Sea.

The strike targeted the Jad'a mountain in the Alluheyah district in the northern part of the city, the report said, adding the warplanes were still hovering over the area.

The strike was the latest in a series of similar air raids carried out by US and British warplanes in the past three days.

The US and Britain have stated that the strikes came in an attempt to deter the Yemeni Houthi group from launching further attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea, a vital waterway for International Logistics.

Red Sea Shipping Freight, which had been reduced, was pushed up again. So far, the world's major shipping companies still have Cargo Ships entering the Red Sea, but they have begun to operate independently, so each ship has a lot of space reserved, but because of the war, Forward Freight are still rising. Especially for FR used to Heavy Equipment Transport, the International Freight is often higher than the value of the cargo. However, As a professional Freight Forwarder,we can still provide Breakbulk vessels for the transportation of such goods, and the Break Bulk vessels we are currently responsible for can still transport goods to some important Red Sea ports such as sokhna jeddah at a low Shipping Freight.


Post time: Jan-19-2024