Shanghai CHN to Dung Quat VNM 3pcs per 85tons Heavy Equipment Transport

This week, As a professional break bulk forwarder,we are good at oog in shipping, here completed a super heavy international shipping from Shanghai to Dung Quat. This Logistics Transportation involved three heavy dryer,per 85Tons,21500*4006*4006mm, proving that break bulk vessel is the best option to this shipment .

After got the inquiry of this Heavy Lift Shipping,To ensure a successful heavy haul, Our team took a series of effective measures. First of all, when choosing a suitable bulk carrier, they pay special attention to Heavy Haulage requirements, and ensure that the ship has a stable international shipping environment to maximize the safety of Oversize Cargo.

Secondly, during the heavy lift process, Our team reasonably arranged the time and manner to ensure the seamless movement of such dry Bulk. Their expertise and experience, as well as close cooperation with logistics transportation companies and ports, ensure smooth Machinery Shipping from Shanghai to Dung Quat.

The successful completion of this international shipping task is inseparable from the coordinated efforts of us and relevant ports and freight forwarder. They prepare the necessary international shipping documents and certifications and ensure that all customs declarations and heavy lift notifications are completed on time. In addition, we also provides related insurance services to ensure that project cargo are fully protected during international logistics.

We are here to said: "We are very proud to have successfully completed this logistics transportation task. As the best choice for the International Shipping of break bulk, break bulk vessel provide a good BB Cargo method and the highest level of safety. We Our team ensures the safety and planned international shipping of bulk vessel through outstanding professional knowledge and experience, as well as close cooperation with all parties."

We will continue to provide customers with high-quality break bulk international freight shipping services.

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Post time: Jan-26-2024