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Lashing a cargo unit is intended to prevent it from moving longitudinally or laterally and to stop it tipping. It must be at least 1.8 times the weight of cargo to be secured. Lashing equipment should not to be secured to any other point on the container other than designated eyes.

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All cargo must be secured by using materials, which are suitable for the size, construction and weight of the load. Web lashings require edge protection on sharp edges. We recommend not mixing different lashing materials like wires and web lashing on the same cargo, at least for securing in the same lashing direction. Different materials have different elasticity and create unequal lashing forces.

Knotting in web lashing should be avoided as breaking strength is reduced by at least 50%. Turnbuckles and shackles should be secured, so that they will not spin off. The strength of a lashing system is given by different names like breaking strength (BS), lashing capacity (LC) or maximum securing load (MSL). For chains and web lashings the MSL/LC is considered 50% of the BS.

The manufacturer will provide you with linear BS/MSL for direct lashing like cross lashings and/or system BS/MSL for loop lashings. Every part in a lashing system must have the similar MSL. Otherwise the weakest can be counted only. Remember bad lashing angles, sharp edges or small radii will reduce these figures.

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Our packing and loading &lashing services are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements, with a focus on safety and security. We use specialized containers and custom packing solutions to ensure that your cargo is securely packed and transported to its destination, all while putting safety first.

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